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The presence - with a web page and via social media - "need to be appealing enough to draw people in so they just don't shop online," she added. Other Michigan retailers are competing head-to-head with the nationals. One example is Schuler Books , based in Grand Rapids. The company stocks large selections in its stores, which include locations in Okemos, Lansing and Nicola's Books in Ann Arbor. But it also maintains a large and vibrant online sales site, thanks to its affiliation with the American Booksellers Association. Schuler wants its customers to use the online sales site if they want the convenience of virtual shopping. It's a model that's working. "We've seen our average percentage going up," said Charity McMaster of Schuler, noting that is happening despite online giant Amazon continuing to use books as loss leaders. "... That's a nice thing to hear. It puts a dent in the perception that online has to be in one place." And, she added, it allows shoppers to keep their spending local.

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